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Cascading Kanban Boards

Durable Steel Cascading Pockets...Design to requirement

Create your own wall or board-mounted Cascading Kanban Pocket System.
Design a Cascading Kanban Board on a column by column basis utilising Eurocharts kit systems of 2, 4, 8, 10 or 16 pocket depth (A4, A5 or A6) card racks.
Alternatively, bespoke pocket depth columns may be assembled to requirement (Contact the Sales Desk)
Eurocharts Cascading Kanban Pocket Board - Traffic Light System
Eurocharts Cascading Kanban Rack - Colour Code
Cascading Rack Key Features
Robust, powder coated steel Kanban Racks
Multiple Kanban Card storage - individual pocket capacity of 15mm
Colour code - single or mixed pocket colour Racks
A4, A5 and A6 (portrait & landscape) paper formats racks available
Standard 2, 4, 8, 10 & 16 pocket depth Kanban Racks
Modular design allows racks of any pocket depth to be formed - contact the Sales Desk
How are the modular Cascading Racks assembled? -View the Cascading Rack Assembly Instructions
Cascading Product Ranges
Click the appropriate range for specifications and pricing