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Channel Planner Kanban Boards

...flexible self-clipping channels to receive Kanban cards

The Eurocharts Channel Planner Kanban Boards consist of robust, self-clipping channels (rows) to hold and organise Kanban Cards.
The Channel Planner Kanban Accessories enable further Kanban control by limiting row length and defining "Start", "Stop" and "Urgent" zones.
Eurocharts Channel Planner Kanban Boards
The Channel Planner Kanban Board offers complete flexibility:
Systems available for 4 different Kanban Card depths - each available with a choice of 3 visible edge heights
Modular construction allows flexibility in system design
System can be extended at any time
Specification & Design
Eurocharts Bespoke Channel Planner Kanban Board

Eurocharts Channel planner Kanban Board - Framed, rigid and durable
Eurocharts offers a free, no obligation planning advisory service to aid in the design of Channel Planner Kanban Boards. Listed below are the Kanban Card sizes the standard systems may accommodate along with the visible edge heights available.
Select the required Card Size, Visible edge, number of rows and system widths required and contact the Eurocharts Sales Desk to obtain a personalised quotation. Alternatively complete the Channel Planner Kanban Board Quotation Form.
Kanban Card Heights
54 mm
74 mm
102 mm
148 mm
Visible Edge
(Height of Kanban Card on View)
24 mm
40 mm
56 mm
Channel Planner Accessories
The range of Channel Planner Kanban Board accessories allows information to be arranged efficiently and precisely to meet specific requirements
Limiting Strips
Limiting strips, applied by the user, restrict the length of the flexible self-clipping tracks. This means only the desired number of Kanban cards can be inserted into each track
Ref Visible Edge Pack
8371212 24mm 10
8371412 40mm 10
8371512 56mm 10
Limiting Strips are self-clipping, 660mm long and are available in Blue only
Eurocharts Channel Planner Kanban Board Marker Bars
Marker Bars
Self-clipping marker bars may be used to define Kanban status zones such as 'Start' and 'Urgent'
Ref Colour Pack
8371601 Red 2
8371602 Yellow 2
8350116 Green 2
Marker Bars are self-clipping, 660mm long and are available in Red, Yellow and Green only
Eurocharts Channel Planner Kanban Board Marker Bars