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Datoclip+ Suspension Filing
System Overview


What is Datoclip+?
Datoclip+ is a pocket / folder filing system with integrated planning capacity. The system can store, organise, schedule and track a magnitude of information ensuring no data is lost or deadline is missed.
The large array of planning and storage options available ensure a storage or planning system can be created for almost any requirement.
The Datoclip+ mechanism consists of three primary components:
Multiple Pocket or folder Storage compartments types & colours
Heading bars that can be integrated with labels, time scales and planning accessories
The Storage racks and trolleys that store the pocket/files on a rail system for compact storage and rapid location of the desired file
The Datoclip+ "Easy-Clip" Mechanism enables heading bar to be rapidly removed and reassigned to any new file system to remove the need for constant updating of time scales and planning information in the Heading Bars.
Eurocharts Datoclip+ Single Suspension Storage Pocket
Eurocharts Datoclip+ Suspension Pocket Storage Trolley / Rack
System Benefits - At a Glance
Eurocharts Datoclip+ OrgFile Suspension Pocket with scheduling bar
Eurocharts Datoclip+ Large Plastic Signal Tabs
Header Bars can be loaded with Labels or Index Strips to provide a complete overview
Index Dividers, Accessories & Coloured Index Labels facilitate rapid file location
Signal Tabs and accessories can highlight deadlines, required actions or key information
Signal Tabs & Accessories are placed under a clear plastic strip to prevent accidental accessory movement
Options of Storage Pockets, Files, Folders and Binders offer variable storage capacities and options
Loose Sheet or binder filing options
Easy and rapid access to all documentation
Custom made Pockets available (min Order 300 pieces)

Datoclip+ Suspension Filing
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