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Magnetic Display Systems Overview & Features

View the BIG PICTURE and let planning problems drive you up the wall!.

New Planning Role
Planning Boards? Are they still operating in this modern computer dominated business world?
Yes they are, take a look around any office or workplace. Do you see whiteboards, year planners, holiday schedules, paper charts or even post-it notes? These are all forms of manual planning information systems playing an important role in the running of the modern business.

Over the years the traditional role of the manual planning board has of course been replaced by software systems. However, they have not disappeared but simply improved and modernised to play a new, important supporting role to the computer.
Eurocharts Planning & scheduling Display Boards
Eurocharts Date Strips
Scheduling Display Boards Enhance Communication
A Complete Schedule
Create a BIG PICTURE of your complete schedule
Software systems contain the smallest and numerous components of any plan. This may be a problem when often all that is required is a summary or 'BIG PICTURE' of a complete schedule. Scrolling or rapidly out dated print-outs are not acceptable, particularly when the schedule has to be viewed in its entirety at production and team meetings.

The popular Eurocharts magnetic scheduling system provides the communication link between a detailed software plan and a fully visual, rapidly updated and complete summary schedule overview. Coloured magnetic information textplates lock onto the ribbed, steel panel surface and are updated by simply sliding the textplates along the planning line or relocating to another resource.
Production, Project and Personnel are but a few of the many system applications and are available as ready boxed kit solutions or if preferred, custom built to requirement. Wall mounted or free standing.
Multi-application scheduling display boards

Magnetic Display System Features

Magnetic Information Text Plates
Profiled magnetic textplates lock onto the gridded and ribbed metal planning panel surface. Changes to plan? Simply slide along the planning line or relocate to another position.
Profiled magnetic textplates lock onto the ribbed planning panel surface
Write On/Wipe Clean
Hand write essential information onto the magnetic text plates with the fine point water based marker pens and wipe clean for re-use at job completion
Magnetic textt plates can be hand written
Snap To Length
Preciesely allocate data to the planning timescale. Magnetic textplates 'snap' to length aligning with the planning panel time scale grid
Magnetic textplates 'snap' to length
Electronic Lettering Machine
No more handwritten text plates! Computer linked lettering machine produces (removable) printed adhesive labels in a selection of styles and sizes
Magnetic textplates are compatable with electronic lettering machines
Sliding Index Panel
Utilising the double tracked wall rails, the Sliding Index panel (Ref: MPI) moves across the system face for accurate index to activity text plate designation
Magnetic planning system with sliding index panel
Mobile Display Stand
Convert your wall mounted magnetic planning system to a free standing unit.
The robust, steel construction mobile display stand (with lockable castors) holds 60, 120, and 180 planning line depth panels and all magnetic planning kit systems*. Wall rails not included.
*Excluding LPS-Lineplanner
Mobile display stand for planning and scheduling display systems
'Rotating' Planning Panels - A Perpetual Time Schedule
Once the first time period has elapsed, simply remove the empty left hand modular panel, slide the remaining system panels along the wall rail to the index panel, then re-date and reposition the empty panel at the system end to maintain a perpetual time schedule
Eurocharts Rotating Planning Panels Step 1


Eurocharts Rotating Planning Panels Step 2


Eurocharts Rotating Planning Panels Step 3