Magnetic Timetabling Systems

Quick And Simple Academic Timetabling Solutions for all Timetable needs

Timetables and Timetabling Systems take many forms; software programmes, photo-copy sheets, home-made timetable boards and even the 'back of a cigarette packet method! Whichever method is preferred, timetable systems must all juggle the same complex information and resource variables; Teaching staff, Class rooms, Classes/Forms and the ever changing curriculum. These have to be allocated to the daily teaching periods taking care that there are no double bookings or over allocations.
The key to a successful Timetable System is visualisation. Software systems may take care of the simple 'routine' planning found at the start of Timetables but the final and more complex resource allocations are more difficult. A complete, clear and totally visual system overview is required to spot timetabling opportunities and eliminate errors in planning.
Eurocharts fully visual Timetable Boards provide that elusive planning solution.