Plastic T-Cards

Reusbale plastic T-cards

Eurocharts Plastic T-Cards are a reusable solution for T-Card systems that require the recorded information to be frequently altered or replaced. Simply write on the Plastic T-Card using a water soluble marker, and wipe clean with a damp cloth to re-use.
Plastic T-cards are fully compatible with both plastic and NOBO metal T-Card Panels. The T-Cards can be used alongside or in place of standard Paper T-Cards
Available in packs of 50 in sizes 2 & 3
(see diagram for dimensions)
Size 4 Plastic T-Cards available on request
Available in 7 colours: white, green, red, blue, black, silver & transparent
Constructed from high quality and durable plastic with a thickness of 300 microns
Eurocharts Plastic T-Card Size 2 Colour Swatch
Eurocharts Plastic T-Card Sizes / Dimensions
Plastic T-Cards
Eurocharts Plastic T-Cards are available in Size 2 & 3 (Size 4 by request).
Selection of T-Card size depends upon the amount of information required to be recorded on the T-Card body.
Plastic T-Cards are available in 7 colours (one colour per pack) - enabling T-Card Systems to be fully colour coded enhancing system functionality.
Colours: White, Green, Red, Blue, Black, Silver & Transparent
Eurocharts Plastic T-Card Colour White Eurocharts Plastic T-Card Colour Green Eurocharts Plastic T-Card Colour Red Eurocharts Plastic T-Card Colour Blue Eurocharts Plastic T-Card Colour Black Eurocharts Plastic T-Card Colour Silver Eurocharts Plastic T-Card Colour Transparent
*Each pack contains 50 (300 microns) T-Cards
T-Card Ref Size W x H (mm) Offer Price (£)
Size 2 P-20020 60 x 85 3.95
Size 3 P-20030 92 x 125 6.95
Ref Colour QTY Basket
Lead Time: 3-7 days
Eurocharts Plastic T-Card in Size 2 and Size 3
Eurocharts Plastic T-Card Size 3 Colour Swatch