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Assembly Instructions

T-Card Planning - Step 1

Select the T-card size and colours. Any combination of T-Card sizes per system.

T-Card Planning - Step 2

Select the T-Card panel height (number of slots). Any combination of T-Card panel widths, with a single slot height per system.

T-Card Planning - Step 3

Select the numbers of T-Card panels required and use the total T-Card system width or Rail Value Calculation to select the appropriate length support(s).
T-Card Panel Wall Rail Supports
T-Card panels 'click' into the top and bottom supports forming a permanent and rigid wall mounted display. Combination of supports required for longer systems.
Complete with plain header strips and fixings.
Ref Length (mm) Rail Value Offer Price (£)
30570 322 10 24.95
30573 388 12 27.95
30571 481 15 29.95
30572 645 20 34.95
30574 772 24 39.45
Ref QTY Basket
Lead Time: 5-7 days

Rail Value Calculation

Applicable to all wall mountings. Add the size number of each panel in the system to arrive at a rail value.

example calculation

4 x Size 2 T-Card Panel = Rail Value 8
3 x Size 4 T-Card Panel = Rail Value 12
Total Rail Value = 20

You require wall supports Ref 30572