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Production Planning Boards - The T-Card Solution

The smaller establishment production board.

Metal T-Card panels display departmental or job stages utilising colour coded job information T-Cards
Track every order stage by production stage providing a rapidly updated production overview
Personalise the system with your own headings detailed onto the wall rail support header strips
Job information is written onto the T-shaped jobcard (T-card) body with the 'at a glance' information onto the visible card shoulder
No more handwritten jobcards! Transfer information directly from the computer. Perforated jobcard sheets for printer and photocopier use (not included)
Eurocharts Workload T-Card Kit and Job Cards
WPDB-32 Workload Production Kit
Economical and simple multi-application yearly T-Card planning display board.
12 x 32 slot panels (size 2), 1 x 32 slot index panel (size 1), wall supports, title strips, 1 x box* (size 1) index T-Cards & 5 x boxes* (size 2) T-Cards (assorted colours)
*100 (170gsm) T-cards per box
Ref Size W x H (mm) Offer Price (£)
WPDB-32 805 x 665 149.00
Lead time: 3-7 days
Eurocharts Size 2 Job Card
Size 2 Job Card
T-shaped job cards suspended in the panel slots. 'At a glance' information visible on the card shoulder, detailed information on card body.
100 (170gsm) T-cards (1 colour per pack)
Colours: White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Orange, Grey, Beige, Purple
Ref W x H (mm) Pack Size Offer Price (£)
20020 60 x 85 Box 100 1.95
Colour QTY Basket
Lead Time: 3-7 days
Eurocharts Size 2 Printer T-Cards
Size 2 Printer T-Cards
No more handwritten T-cards! Produce data direct from the computer. Pre-cut T-card sheets for printer or photocopier use. No Software required
20 x A4 sheets with 9 cards per sheet.
Colours: White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink
Please Note: PTC-3 not available in Pink
Ref Pack Offer Price (£)
PTC-2 180 10.45
Colour QTY Basket
Lead Time: 3-7 days