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Workshop Scheduling Boards
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Improve customer satisfaction, maximize efficiency and increase productivity through utilisation of the Eurocharts Workshop Scheduling Boards
The scheduling boards are specifically designed for workshop / garage planning and job loading
This allows work to be simply, rapidly & clearly scheduled and allocated to individual technicians, workstation or locations
Having a complete and current planned overview, enables spare workstation capacity to be easily identified
Robust construction provides a durable, highly visible and long lasting board for the tough workshop environment. In addition, the systems retain an attractive and professional appearance
Workshop Boards available in company colours with name & logo!
Eurocharts Mk2 Workshop Scheduling Board In Use
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The Workshop Scheduling Principle
The workshop scheduling boards operates on a simple, highly visual, rapidly updated and intuitive planning principal
Jobs are allocated to specific workshop technicians or workstations through simple placement of the job order paperwork to the respective workstation row
The right hand edge of the job order aligns with the integrated date/time scale strips identifying the planned completion time. On job commencement the designated technician removes the job order, leaving the scheduling copy on the board to signify job commencement and planned completion time
Following completion, the scheduling order and job order are placed in the "Final Inspection" column for quality control purposes. Once the job order has passed the final inspection an invoice can then be generated
Job Order Pockets
Job scheduling may be further enhanced and colour-coded through utilisation of Eurocharts coloured Job Order Pockets.
These store all job documentation securely and align with the integrated board date/time scale
Eurocharts Mk1 Workshop Scheduling Board
Three Board Models
Eurocharts offer three Workshop Scheduling Board models (MK1, MK2 & MK3) dependent upon specification and budget
Each model is available in a selection of workstation capacities (number of rows)
The MK1 Workshop Board
The MK1 Board is the complete scheduling solution offering many additional scheduling features that are unique to this model
Advanced Planning Capacity
Monday-Saturday slots to schedule orders for the following week. Additional compartments for 3 week forward work loading
Work On Hold
Allocated job card compartments for Sub-contracted, Awaiting Parts and Jobs on Hold
Precision Scheduling
Visualise the complete job order duration using the yellow time strips. The strips insert into the integrated time scale displaying the scheduled job duration. Absence of time strips indicate spare capacity
Job Information
Icon cards can also be inserted to illustrate specific order requirements. For example, pool car, job over-run or any activity affecting the job status
Eurocharts Mk1 Workshop Scheduling Board In Use
Eurocharts Workshop Scheduling Board Free Standing Frame
The MK2 Workshop Board
The economical choice for less complex scheduling requirements
Finished in Umbra-grey, the Mk2 has been simplified by removing the advanced planning capacity, holding tray and icon card capacity of the MK1 yet retains the highly visible and precise scheduling ability that is the trademark of all Workshop Scheduling Boards.
Eurocharts Workshop Scheduling Board MK2 unloaded
The MK3 Workshop Board
The MK3 Workshop Board is a popular mid-range board, combining the simplified scheduling of the MK2 with the enhanced clarity offered by a printed title strip profile at the top of the board.
Eurocharts Mk2 Workshop Scheduling Board In Use